Frequently asked questions

We guarantee telephone contact 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, by e-mail we will answer 4 hours maximum after reading the email with the notice.

Always, depending on the fault indicated, we offer a closed price (for example, computer formatting € 50 + VAT,) or an hourly rate for the time taken to solve the fault (for example, data recovery from € 60 + VAT).

We guarantee our services for 3 months, according to current law. The guarantees do not cover misuse, virus infections, breakages or defects caused by incorrect use, blows, falls, repairs carried out by personnel outside our company.

We comply with the G.D.P.R. Prior to any intervention that involves access to your information.

Our team has qualified technicians with more than 20 years of experience.

Rates are available "HERE"

We prioritize the remote solution (whenever possible). It is cheaper for the client and the intervention is faster, eliminating travel times. In the event of a fault that does not allow remote access to the computer, the home / company will be moved. We practice fixed rates for specific repairs or we charge hourly for repairs of variable time.

Remote repair is our priority. If we cannot remotely access your damaged equipment, or the repair requires our presence (eg. Wifi configuration, computer won't start, damaged monitor or black screen), we will go to your home / company to solve the problem.

Yes, we take care of reviewing and processing the guarantee of any computer equipment.

Yes, our computer support will take care of everything, we pass the valuable information from one computer to another, safely deleting any personal data for subsequent recycling.

At Tic Solutions we will be delighted to assist you. Call us at 677 203 551, or send us your questions by mail to